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The Evil of UNRWA Exposed
How UNRWA conned the world with hypocrisy and lies
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February 3, 2024 - Audio, 11.34 MIN
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How is it possible that employees of the UN could have been involved in the October 7th terrorist attacks against the Jewish people? The answer is because of an organisation called UNRWA - The United nations relief and works agency - an organisation apparently existing to deliver aid to the Gazan Arabs and those who were made refugees during the 1948 war of independence.

It has been reported in the last week that 12 UNRWA employees actively took part in the terror attacks of Oct 7. The Jerusalem post reported that UNRWA teachers wrote messages in support of Hamas’s massacre on October 7, calling the Hamas infiltrators “heroes.” They shared images of dead or captured Israelis and called for the execution of hostages. One “teacher” even urged Gazan civilians not to move out of harm’s way following IDF warnings and instead become human shields. Since the IDF began their ground operation in Gaza, they found Hamas’ military equipment hidden in schools. The IDF also discovered Hamas Nukhba military ballistic vests hidden in UNRWA bags in a medical clinic in Gaza. One of the hostages released from Gaza revealed that he was held for nearly 50 days in an attic by a teacher from UNRWA (a Gazan doctor held another one). A Gazan resident told the IDF (in a published recording) that Hamas has control over UNRWA, which is how the terror group has been stealing all the supplies. “Hamas has their hands on UNRWA administration workers, and it manages UNRWA,” he alleged. “From the day they [Hamas] rose to power, they took control of everything.”
JP quote: “At this point, UNRWA has become fully responsible for allowing indoctrination and antisemitism to fester in Palestinian society, is actively helping Hamas terrorists and holding Israeli hostages, and has perpetuated the Palestinian refugee crisis since 1949.”

Antisemitsim in UNRWA has been well-known for years, but this is the first time that this fact has been recognised by governments such as the US and UK - resulting in cuts to its funding.
It was further reported by Reuters that the Israeli intelligence dossier accuses 190 UNRWA employees of being "hardcore" Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants, while overall 10% of UNRWA staff was considered to have some affiliation with those organizations. Statistics of that should leave us wondering of there is a single employee of UNRWA who isn’t pro-Hamas. 

Why does UNRWA exist?

Here is an interesting fact: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has less than 19,000 employees worldwide to manage 29.4 million refugees across the world, not to mention the tens of millions more internally displaced persons, asylum seekers and stateless people across 135 countries. UNRWA, on the other hand, employs 30,000 people, in Gaza to service a claimed figure of 5.9 million refugees.
Who are these refugees? As stated above - Arabs who left their homes in 1948, anticipating and mostly rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a huge genocide of the Jews by the multiple Arab countries who were invading nascent state Israel. According to UNRWA, those Arabs, along with their children and their grandchildren and their great grandchildren are all refugees. Because of this, UNRWA traps them in long-term refugee camps and uses them as political pawns, with the refugee label that limits them both politically and economically. Those refugees can also be found under Egyptian, Jordanian, Lebanese and Syrian rule as well. In those refugee camps, the Palestinians live in needless abject poverty and squalor, breeding hatred against the Israeli occupiers. UNRWA employs local Gazans to help breed genocidal and hateful slogans against Israel. UNRWA schools in Gaza have long since been known to be full of antisemitic, violent tropes that further radicalise the Gazan young people.
So what really is UNWRA then? Not  refugee agency. Perhaps a welfare entitlement agency? Maybe a make -work project for the Gazan Arabs…Perhaps worse - a stream of money funding radical ideology, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Hypocrisy of UNRWA!

The hypocrisy and lies of this organisation is beyond belief. On the UNRWA website, you can read about the lovely humanitarian work taking place - they talk about the healthcare they deliver, or the 700 schools they set up. They show heart rending pictures of the poor innocent children who they claim to help. They have pretty graphics about how they spend their funds. What they fail to mention is that they have direct links to Hamas. That some of employees are literally terrorists - and nearly all of the rest of them terrorist sympathisers. They fail to mention that their schools hotbeds for terrorist propaganda. That they take advantage of innocent children in Gaza, the further Hamas political aims. And that they directly contributed to the October 7th attacks.
UNRWA is yet another example of the antisemitism that has been demonstrated by the United Nations. 

Joe Biden, funnelled a staggering one billion dollars to UNRWA since 2021 - after the previous Trump administration cut ties with UNRWA due to these very concerns. This means that the US, indirectly help to fund the OCT 7th attacks. UNRWA’s corruption was obvious long before Oct 7th. It’s a miracle that it’s taken the world this long to wake up to it. 

The irony is that since Oct 7th, the world has been lecturing and patronising Israel about allowing aid to Gaza. Israel have done what they can to allow aid in, but continually warned that this will go straight to Hamas. This objection has been largely ignored by the world, or judged to be a pitiable excuse. Suddenly, in the last week, nations have woken up to UNRWA’s true colours leading many to cut funding to this organisation. 

But imagine if Israel had done as the world had suggested in the last few months. They would have funnelled money and resources straight into the arms of Hamas. But there has been no apology from the nations who previously pressured Israel to fund their enemy. There’s been no acknowledgement that Israel were right all along.  Political leaders have bigger things to worry about. Israel had to stand alone acting on blatantly obvious information that the rest of the world chose to ignore until this week. 

UNRWA's Response

UNRWA have released a statement on the 31st of January following the cut to their aid. “As aid organizations, we are deeply concerned and outraged that some of the largest donors have united to suspend funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)…The population faces starvation, looming famine and an outbreak of disease under Israel’s continued indiscriminate bombardment and deliberate deprivation of aid in Gaza.” Here is a UN organisation that is supposed to be apolitical, purely providing aid, not taking sides. Israel have literarily the least indiscriminate military targeting systems in the world. There is also no deliberate deprivation of aid - it just so happens that the main aid organisation is corrupt. What is more, UNRWA is using the famine starvation and the terrible plight of the Gazan population as a pawn to restore aid - this is after they have mercilessly sacrificed hundreds of thousands of Gazan young people, corrupting them to believe lies, in order to serve greater political aims. 

The real losers in this situation are any Gazan civilians who may be innocent, who want to be rid of Hamas. Not only do they live in a corrupt and bloodthirsty society, poisened by antisemitic propaganda. Not only to they live under corrupt leadership. Horrifically, their main aid organisation, who they rely on, is also corrupt. This is the awful situation brought about by Hamas in Gaza, with more than a little help from UNRWA. 

Antisemitism in the 6th Vial

Revelation 16 describes the frog like spirits that will go out into all the world to gather them against the Jewish people. Those frog like spirits that result in antisemitism have often been associated with the spirit of humanism that arose during the French Revolution. (For more information please see Elpis Israel pag 391) The declaration of the rights of man and the citizen created during the French revolution was incorporated fully into the universal declaration of human rights - one of the core documents of the UN. 

As the UN embodies the frog like spirits of humanism,  it has also become one of the most antisemitic organisations in the world - in the past they have made statements such as “Zionsim is Racism” - a resolution that denies the right of the state of Israel to exist.
We are living in times where antisemitism has reached terrifying heights. we are watching the frog like spirits move across the world, bringing nations together in their hatred for God’s chosen people and for his land - according to the 6th vial in Revelation 16 this can only lead to one thing. Armageddon

Join us again next week for another edition of Bible in the News.

This has been Daniel Blackburn joining you. 

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